Chicken Karaage
Delectable deep fried boneless chicken, soya ginger sauce, shredded cabbage
Chili Garlic Calamari
Deep fried squid, herb salad, citrus, chili and garlic sauce
Ebi Mayo
Tempura prawn, sweet and spicy Japanese mayo sauce
Kobe Hot Wings
Deep fried chicken wings with rock salt, lime and green chili hot sauce
Tender ahi tuna accompanied by our famous fiery Japanese mustard and shoyu sauce
Short Ribs
Slow cooked, seared, marinated triple AAA ribs finished with our homemade glaze with an Asian salad
Spicy Dynamite Roll
Crispy tempura prawn, avocado and spicy mayo
Spicy Tuna Roll
Ahi tuna prepared with Japanese mayo and spices
Tofu Salad
Mixed greens, julienne vegetables, fried onion, carrot ginger dressing
Tuna Avocado Salsa
Ahi tuna tartar with tomato and onion in a sweet soya sauce with wonton chips