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Kobe Chosen Red & White Wines

Kobe Japanese Steak House fun fact, you can produce a white wine from a red grape by removing the skins from the juice immediately.The red color comes from the skins, even red grapes are white inside...enjoy the Kobe Steakhouse selection of Reds and Whites, handpicked to accompany our dinner menu's

Kobe Reds

McWilliams – AUS – Shiraz

Full-Body, Oaky, Spicy & Smooth

Road 13 – BC VQA – Merlot/Syrah

Medium, Elegant, Soft & Complex

Stoneleigh Latitude – NZ – Pinot Noir

Full-Body, Soft, Oaky & Smokey

Chateauneuf du Pape – FR – Blend

Full-Body, Fruity, Oaky & Spicy

Alamos – ARG – Malbec

Medium, Fruity, Smooth & Spicy

Enigma – USA – Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-Body, Fruity, Soft & Smokey

Chateau Pey La Tour – FR – Bordeaux

Full-Body, Intense, Balanced & Smooth

Red Rooster – BC VQA – Cabernet Merlot

Medium, Oaky, Smooth & Fruity

Sandhill – BC VQA – Rosé

Medium, Dry, Spicey & Refreshing

Louis Martini Napa valley – USA – Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-Body, Silky, Fruity & Balanced

Apothic – USA – Blend

Full-Body, Silky, Jammy & Smooth
C $11.00 / $40.00

Kobe Whites

Red Rooster – BC VQA – Pinot Blanc

Light, Crisp, Refreshing & Fruity

Conviction – BC VQA – Sovereign Opal

Medium, Smooth, Floral & Tropical

Sandhill – BC VQA – Pinot Gris

Light, Smooth, Crisp & Refreshing

Cakebread – USA – Chardonnay

Full-Body, Crisp, Oaky & Smooth

Whitehaven – NZ – Sauvignon Blanc

Medium, Clean, Fruity & Crisp

Kendall Jackson – USA – Chardonnay

Medium, Buttery, Oaky & Tropical

Apothic – USA – Blend

Light, Sweet, Silky & Balanced
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